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Alpha dental Clinic is one of the most known, highly rated dental Clinics in Cairo, homing over 38 employees and holding the latest technology and highest quality practices to ensure increased patient satisfaction and comfort at all times.


The clinic speaks in 4 languages (Arabic, English, French and Spanish) for customer satisfaction and ease of comprehension.


Our aim is to preserve your natural teeth for life. We are dedicated to improve the oral health for all of our customers because our customers are our concern and how we improve their smile is our goal.


In 1975 Dr. Nagui Hanna took to setting up the stage for what would later be one of the most successful dental Clinics in Cairo and Middle East. It started as a dental clinic in Down Town Cairo where there was only one operating room and Dr. Nagui was the only operating dentist.

In 1985, Dr. Nagui took steps towards opening a new branch in Heliopolis Merghany to expand in the market sector and increase target patients to almost three times in less than ten years.

In 1990, a dental laboratory was opened serving mainly Alpha Dental Clinic and other clinics available. Also later this year, the Clinic was heading towards specialization for better quality where Endodontics, Orthodontics, Implantology and Surgery were introduced.

From 1995 to early 2016, the Clinic expanded to five operating rooms, two floors with a panorama x-ray room, a meeting room and a sterilization room as well as a presentable reception for our visitor’s comfort. More emphasis is being put on quality in both service provision and management for higher professionalism.

Now, ADC is considered one of the most advanced dental clinics in the Middle East as well most prestigious.

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